by Michael Hollinger
Directed by Aaaron Gotlieb
June 2 - June 25, 2017
A Satirical Comedy to Lighten Up The Dark Ages

The place: Priseaux, France. The time: c. 1250 A.D. The Plague is thriving in Italy. And here in France, there hasn't been a miracle in thirteen years. With their coffers dwindling, the local monastery pins their hopes on the upcoming Papal visit to restore the abbey to its former glory. If only their arch rival hadn't claimed possession of an "incorruptible" that seems to be cranking out miracles. The day is saved and these old monks find an outrageous way to settle old debts.
Shows are Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm June 2 - 25 at OnStage Atlanta in Decatur, GA.

Mike Carroll as Charles, the abbot of Priseaux
Darrell Wofford as Brother Martin
O'Neil Delapnha as Brother Olf
Chris Schultz as Brother Felix
Katy Clarke as Peasant Woman
Jef Holbrook as Jack
Sara Lynn Herman as Marie
LeeAnna Lambert as Agatha


Show Schedule

♦ Fridays at 8pm
♦ Saturdays at 8pm
♦ Sundays at 3pm